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Thankful for technology.

D200, 50mm f/1.4

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Black. Brassed. Beautiful.

For your viewing pleasure: black Nikon F, F2, Nikkormat FTn, and a Canon F1.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Konica Hexanon AR 50mm f/1.4

Konica Hexanon AR 50mm f/1.4

Mount: Konica AR
Filter size: 55mm
Close focus: 0.45 feet/1.5 meters
Aperture range: f/1.4 - f/16 (detents at half stops)
Aperture blades: 6
Depth of field scale for f/4 - f/16, IR index.

Comments: I'd prefer 52mm filter threads but 55mm seems pretty standard for the Konica lenses. I'd also prefer a 7 bladed aperture. I mostly dislike the aperture ring - half-stops aren't necessary for me, and they are too close together and rough. The lens is also one of the largest 50 f/1.4 lenses I've used - only an old Canon 50mm f/1.4 FL lens is bigger. That said, this lens is a solid performer, one of the best 50mm f/1.4s I've used.

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Konica 50mm f/1.4