Friday, July 25, 2014

This Old Camera: Fujica ST801

Fujica ST801

Camera type: SLR
Lens mount: Fuji screwmount (more-or-less Pentax screwmount compatible)
Shutter: 1 - 1/2000 seconds plus bulb
Focusing aids: split-image and microprisms
Depth-of-Field Preview: yes
Metering: center-weighted
ISO: 25-3200
Self-timer: yes
Flash: P.C. sockets, built-in shoe

Comments: Great camera.  Maybe the ideal camera for shooting with screwmount lenses.  Love the 1/2000 high shutter speed.

Meter even works!  But I don't use it.

Manual: Butkus

M42 Fujinon Lenses:
Fujinon 55mm f/1.8
Fujinon-T 135mm f/3.5

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  1. I am enjoying this phalanx of camera reviews; keep 'em coming, please!